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Batman has what I like to call “a black belt attitude.” (My honies & homies who have gone through the Brandon-Derek-Tony Upper Intermediate boot camp know what I’m takin’bout!) My resolve waxes and wanes, but going into September, I’m going to make a serious attitude adjustment and start scrapping it out with the daily challenges I face!


The Impenetrable Cloak

-Children are Amazing-
My recent viewing of 2004’s Academy award winning “Crash” confirms it. The poster below was taken from the trailer which shows one of the most heart-wrenching scenes I have ever watched.
(Check out the trailer if you think you can handle it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-iyxIincCI)

-Children are Selfless-
So often motivated by love, the desire to help or protect their friend, sibling, mommy or daddy. This makes them truly heroic.

-Children have Faith-
They have faith in what the adults close to them tell them, and the ability to believe without question…or maybe after a question or two. They have faith that can change minds, move mountains and perhaps even stop bullets.

-Children are Brave-
Their faith or trust in what an adult could never believe allows them to be courageous. I think true courage is being afraid yet doing what you have to do despite that fear.

-The Impenetrable Cloak-
It goes beyond what I saw in the film. Children I have grown up with, children I have taught, children I have observed and the ones I am trying to raise all confirm it.
If only we as adults could hang onto what they have and believe in the impenetrable cloak.